Using Rivers for inventory management and as Drone landing Pads

Using Rivers for inventory management and Drone Pads

These are many uses and benefits of rivers (The positive environmental impact of using barges on the river Thames revealed) But I recently thought of using barges on the rivers in big cities as :

  1. Floating warehouses for expedited delivery in crowded cities i.e. using optimised inventory management systems, Products can be stores at various locations on the river that enable easy delivery.
  2. Future landing pads for drone deliveries (this is apart from using the roofs of buildings).
  3. Collection point for products if implemented correctly close to the Riverboats \ Taxis\ Ferry’s (Thames Clippers).
  4. On a playful note this could also be used as a Hybrid floating Café \ product shop.
  5. The startup idea: if you lease\ buy barges convert them ,secure the mooring rights: rent them out to multiple companies that need inventory expedited. This provides drone landing-pads .

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