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Capturing ideas quickly for collaboration

Hi, I have been away for some time away for some time, but I will start posting twice a month starting in July. I have some projects I am working on and this will hopefully increase my posts and will be incorporated within the context of a project to create podcasts.

Capturing ideas quickly for collaboration

This post is a quick fire thought and is about documenting and analysing your ideas in a quick and dirty way. There are lots of ways to capture ideas: Written Journals, Notes taking software e.g.  Microsoft Note, Apps such as Evernote, and email etc. I also use applications that allow me to clip images such as Pinterest.

I am sure that if you search there are a multitude of solutions. Some of the latest shared functionalities are:

  • Synchronisation using cloud services on multiple platforms: Computer, mobile device, IOT devices
  • Input, through voice, keyboard, stylus, Video.   
  • Interpretation of visual notation
  • Some A.I enabled search and organisational functionality.

(For example,

I use a hybrid of paper with old fashioned fountain pen, Notes, email and Pinterest, but I have increased my use of, Sketch\ prototyping and wireframes and\ or virtual whiteboard software for collaboration. I have used these tools at work for over 15 years but only stated using this for personal idea capture over the last year. It should be noted that this functionality is also incorporated in the latest notes taking software. The ability to create using both written and visual communication modes accelerate idea capture, collaboration and dissemination.  

This was a 10-minute post it notes exercise I carried out as an example for an idea of hybrid of old and new tech for water desalination in 3rd world countries. I can invite people to collaborate with me

Tools with free and paid versions: 

I am sure a search will provide a lot more. Thanks for reading!!!

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