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I Am Not Average; IANA!

I do not have a name for this App \ Service \Idea. IANA! is a Place holder name.

The preamble to this idea was my father, he was about 6ft 4 inches tall and that meant that:

When he was building his house, he ensured that the doors and ceiling were just about taller\ higher than average. When he could afford to buy a car he wanted in this case a Mercedes, the factory options allowed him to have extra railing to push the seat back to accommodate his height and he could adjust the steering (it wants not adjustable but fixed for his reach).  When he bought another model for export to Africa there were factory options for undercar protective engine shield (bad roads), extra-large radiators for cooling. He also discovered bespoke clothing to accommodate his height and particular shoe brands that did extra sizes at the time. For a different perspective my mother used size 3.5/4 shoes she was smaller in size so I understand both views about size. The Surprise was this was in 1960’s. So now to the present day (over 50 years late) we really have not moved in leaps and bounds.

Most manufacturers \ service providers will create to meet the needs of the average customer based on statistical data on Personas\profiles for most products and services. They will also provide some limited offerings for some outliers which means the “not average person” has to work harder.

The solution has been speciality shops e.g.  Jacomo for men’s clothes Major brands will have a certain number of additional sizes for the outliers. It is a lot better today as there are multiple offering for specialised products and services, although some are at a premium price or limited availability. We should not ignore that people might not want to be identified as needing specialised services.

Ideas worth considering:

  • Social-media: Groups and culture  

-This requires either creating a new App that provides for this group. The monetisation for these groups will incorporate targeted advertising and marketing with a focus on products and services. It will have all the social media features and a market place. One aspect that would accelerate the development of new Apps will be the use of APIs (An application programming interface is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other). Existing Apps such as Facebook, Instagram and other social media have API’s that would enable a quicker integration and access to data sharing.

-Creating groups and spaces within an existing app.

  • Creating a B2C \B2B ecommerce platform for Services and products.

-Examples are producers of mass market and custom \ bespoke services (such tailors, architects, cars manufacturer of small run products).

-For the consumer they can perform search by product or service. Creating a solution that either act as an integrator for business and customers. Either as an App or website. Services includes acting as a clearing house for product sales (or outlets) or discounted services.

– A B2B proposal is to create a clearing house and platform for the manufacturers of not average products \ services. it takes care of overstock, end of season ,outlet and discount stock etc.

  • Some high-tech solutions

-This requires an orchestration of full body scanners this create a profile that you can submit to providers for product or services.

-Creation of a portable persona which will require input of data (size, height, reach etc) and other preferences (this might need the creation of an App) which becomes your search criteria when ordering product and services.

-The use of the Metaverse or virtual worlds for Imagineering especially around living environments or when buying a product such as a car. once you have your profile from above it become easier.

This is an outline but is a starting point.

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