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My second mobile device or Phone.

If mobile phones reach optimal functionality and user saturation what can you do?

See the article by in TechCrunch:


Growth can be found in new models, but can you imagine new flagship models every six months

Some growth can be found in the developing world. Growth can also be found in places with unreliable networks or for traveller who need dual sims, but what happens in the developed world? Could it be time to convince consumers to buy a second mobile device

 what will my second phone or device look like? the obvious ones could be a wrist device, glasses, wearable devices in clothes. An alternative might be a personal portable device it might look like a cell phone but it’s more than that. It can be used as a phone i.e. calls, text, emails, apps but that is secondary. The Primary use of the device is up for grabs. what can that be? Some considerations:

Hardware features

The features it can act as a solid-state memory to back up music video and files in excess of 250gb (especially as the price drops) note the features below are not exhaustive:

  • It can have virtual wireless game controllers
  • It has both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and network connectivity
  • Its battery should be large
  • The processor and ram need to be able to handle a lot of processing
  • HDMI out


Software features

Note the features below are not exhaustive:

  • Free cloud storage that enable a shared experience between devices and cloud.
  • Video group chat features
  • Replacement for my music\ video library (there are still users who like dedicated music devices or have music \ video libraries who don’t use Spotify). They want hi resolution audio or video files ( or . I still have a 160-gig iPod that’s full. if you have a Netflix subscription you can download without worries about memory usage.
  • My portable brain this is software that enable the organisation, retrieval and organisation of files (there was one I really like called the brain
  • If I am a traveller because of my memory size I can back up my desktop outside the cloud especially if band width is spotty and I don’t want to travel with a tablet or laptop.
  • Run a personal non-relational index if of my files, bookmarks. with abilities to index all my social media likes saved likes and comments with the ability show my activities and any other available social media data and I want it visualised so I can see my interests
  • Game \ app developer SDK.
  • App that can mine a new type of crypto currency for the mobile device (this is cool for payment plans where the unused data cannot be rolled over)
  • Run Desktop apps: word processing editing etc

Interactive features

Note the features below are not exhaustive:

  • I want to use it a plug-in device to real life game controller such just like a Nintendo switch ( with projector makes it interesting. As a potable gaming device slide it into a hand controller add since its portable it can work with gesture control.
  • I want to use the device to create a mobile avatar that contains a virtual me that can interact with other devices in the real and virtual world based on my personal index which I can copy and edit
  • it becomes my extra brain as I can voice record and interact with the device (e.g. Alexa, Siri) and return results from my brain or internet
  • I can use it as a passive recording device of my daily interaction in the real world and save parts of it that I want and overly that with my virtual interactions and social media
  • I want my exercise equipment to have a dock for my device apart from logging my exercise I want to use the either the device or projector to show a route visual route e.g. jogging , rowing or cycling through central park either using google earth or bespoke software (e.g. when I am walking or jogging it can take me on a virtual tour or when I am rowing it can put me on a river or when I am cycling It can put me on a trail ) I can join a group of cyclist or jogger and meet in visual place and exercise and converse with them. and record this
  • Augmented reality games my device can slot into a special designed device e.g. a special paint ball gun with a fold out compartment out so that its screen can show augmented overlay for real life participation in group activities. see ( or imagine if you could play Fortnite in a configured arena with the interactive overlay showing where you can pick up points, see strategy, communicate , show maps, weapons cache etc. It also records the game from your point of view, or you can wear a Bluetooth camera and your device on a holder and record (e.g. a climbing game etc)
  • Playing an augmented geocaching game where the player can leaves messages in the virtual space that overlays the real world especially in cities they can collect points or in game crypto currency, or compete with other teams, open virtual file , leave messages at the  exact physical location using the device. ( (remember the success of Pokémon Go)

The issues

  • Price point (you need a touch screen, but it does not have to be the best) to reduce cost
  • Operating system and user
  • Ruggedness it must be rugged especially as it an augmentation device
  • Security
  • Design standards so that multiple third party addons can be attached
  • Convincing customers they need another device apart from their phone
  • Weight
  • User interface
  • Why have two devices
  • What do you call it you don’t what a to call it my second phone?
  • It needs a lot of ram
  • Battery life
  • Size
  • Dost this replace my tablet or laptop?


These are just some ideas that could trigger better ideas using some or all the features. it’s not conclusive that people want an additional device but at a certain nexus I think a core user can be found for the 4 P’s (product, price, place, promotion). In addition, for the right service and app eco system.

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